I’ve been contracting off and on since 2004. I’ve also held positions with several web start-ups and design firms. I have a wide skill set and general knowledge of most things on the web. I double majored in Communications and Art at California State University, Bakersfield and currently live in Lincoln City, OR.

Bachelor’s of Art in Communications and Art at California State University, Bakersfield

I have been writing mostly PHP and some Ruby lately. I’m comfortable with database administration, linux/unix systems, node.js, and the myriad of markup and style languages that make up the web. Sass is my css compiler of choice and real OO development is my style. I have background in JAVA and AS3 although I write neither very much anymore.

 PHP, Node, Sass/SCSS, HTML5, Mongo, Mysql and an OO/functional syntactical style

I am current working with FITera and Workorder.es. FITera is an awesome online community to help you “Lose Fat, Get Fit, and Look and Feel Your Very Best!” I’m in charge of keeping their community site running and adding/updating their UI. It’s a very large site with a lot of moving parts and I enjoy the challenge and team. Workorder.es is a small start-up to help landlords and tenants communicate and manage repairs to rental properties.

I was previously the Senior Vice President, Development at Billaway.com where I helped take the company from paper to API and implementation. I currently manage dozens of EC2 servers, 3 load balancers, and 3 RDS  instances and utilize 90% of Amazon’s AWS offerings.

My current libraries of choice are CakePHP, Backbone/jQuery, Passport, Jade, and Stylus. I play StarCraft2 and Halo4, brew beer, and chase waves with my daughter for fun.