Supervisord, Docker, and Loggly

99% of what I need to do can be found on Stack Overflow. But, I had a hard time finding any article that explained how to put together Supervisord and Docker and pipe the logs into Loggly. This week I

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Migrating from Disqus to Muut

Working on an API for to migrate forums from Disqus.

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MnCombine WP Plugin Release

MnCombine Asset Management Plugin! I’ll cut to the chase. I love the WordPress community and there are plenty of cache/asset management/css compressors/javascript compilers out there. So why the $#!! would I write another one? Simple, because this one is obviously

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Dealing With Credit Card Gateways

I’ve processed thousands of credit card payments. Well, not me really, but my code has. And in doing so I’ve started to find a flow; a list if you will, of things that you absolutely must do to keep your

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Stripe Credit Card Processing : Thoughts?

If you don’t know, now you know: Stripe is, or rather states, that they do online processing for a flat fee and act as your gateway interfacing directly with your bank. AWESOME! I think Stripe is pretty new right

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AIR3 In Flash CS5 For iOS / Android

Still slacking. But I just thought about this blog and thought I would put up my recent troubles. Adobe has been touting lately that the new version of AIR is so powerful that people are porting over intense Flash games

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Chop A String On a Whole Word With PHP

I’ve been slacking an not writing anything so I’m going to start trying to write much smaller posts starting with this one. A common need for template developers is chopping a string at a whole word. There’s a lot of

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Sending Emails That Don’t Suck With WordPress

I’ve wondered about emailing in WordPress for a while but never did anything about it. How does WordPress send emails? What functions can we hook to for emails? What if I want to setup a template with a form and

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Understanding Variable Scope

This week I saw a lot of problems on forums, and at our office related to scope. So I’ve decided to write on scope as it relates to a few languages and discuss why understanding variable scope can save you

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New jQuery Content Rotator Plugin

This is an official release of a jQuery plugin I wrote some time ago and have been using and updating a lot lately. I’ve decided to release it here, and on jQuery, because I’ve finally got all of the bugs

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