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I’m a pretty big fan of open source initiatives, code, rules, and especially software. If you go to school for computer science they’re going to give you the command line and probably a bunch of proprietary software; either free or

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Password Protecting HTML Files

The other day I was doing some work on a back-end system for a client and ran into the problem of having a ton of html files that needed to be accessible only by administrators. Why would I have a

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Mobile Framework Roundup

I’ve been working at this office in Bakersfield for about 2 years now after my foray into the freelance world which I did also for 2 years. And while I still freelance on the side it’s nice to work with

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AS3 Remoting Class & AMFPHP

So if you haven’t heard; AMFPHP has been a big deal. With Flex doing all of Flash’s heavy data lifting lately it’s been a real, crying, egregious shame that Adobe has left out the Remoting Components from AS2. Although, I’m

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New Blog For Code

Okay, so everyone’s done it and now I am going to too. Here’s a place for cool things I find, code I write, and stuff in general that I’d like to share with the community (the internets) and family alike.

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